Coconut Wrap Chicken Tacos

Low Carb | 70 Calories | 4 Net Carbs | Organic Coconut Wraps | NUCO Coconut Wraps | Organic Original Coconut Wraps | Paleo | Vegan | Grain Free

Simple mini chicken tacos for your taco Tuesday cravings. We used our Organic Original flavor Coconut Wrap which gave this recipe a nice mild taste of coconut and topped it with our Vegan Mayo made with coconut and avocado oil.

Prep Time: 10 min / Cook Time: 15 min / Total Time: 25 - 30 min

Ingredients: Makes (4) Mini Tacos

  • 1 Organic Coconut Wrap - Cut into 4 small pieces
  • NUCO Vegan Mayo
  • 1Lb Chicken breast - cut into small cubes or shredded
  • Half of an avocado - sliced
  • 4 Small romaine lettuce leaves
  • 1 Roma tomato - sliced


  1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly before slicing and dicing. Cut your avocado and tomato and set aside for later.
  2. In your frying pan cook your diced chicken breast and lightly sprinkle your salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside for later placement.
  3. Take your coconut wrap and cut into 4 pieces to make your taco wrapping.
  4. Now that everything is sliced and cooked you can begin stacking your ingredients!
  5. Top with a little vegan mayo and voila! Serve immediately and enjoy :)

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